• Next Culture Nomads

    The moving pieces of Gaia


    Moving With The Rhythms And Cycles Of Gaia.

    There's a culture that is naturally emerging.


    This culture is deeply concerned with the well being of the planet and all living beings.


    This culture holds different values and priorities than mainstream culture.


    What culture you create and participate is up to you...


    Nobody can decide for you what culture you create and participate.


    Nobody can stop you from creating the culture that you want to live in.


    Are you a Next Culture Nomad?

    • Have you turned away from the enslaving life style of the capitalist culture that is destroying all life on earth?
    • Are you doing an experiment about radically changing your living situation?
    • Have you quit your normal job and started a new adventure experimenting something new?
    • Have you let go of your physical address and decided to be more mobile?
    • Have you turned your life into a living experiment not knowing exactly what's next?
    • Did you decide to do something different than slaving away for an culture that you don't believe in?

    If you answered "Yes" to some of these questions. You might be a Next Culture Nomad.


    Let's go deeper...

  • A Naturally Organically Emerging Culture

    Are you creating a different way of relating with life, with others and with yourself?


    All across the Earth, millions of people are taking a stand to choose something different, choosing to create something new that represents their values and what they care about. There are different names given to this "something new" phenomenon, this new way of relating with life that is naturally emerging from the hearts of many. This is the Cultural Creatives, this is Next Culture Archearchy.


    You are not alone.


    Little by little, and now lots by lots, you are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. You are finding out that there's more than the eye can see, that somehow we're all interconnected. We're starting to find each other, we are starting to recognize what brings us together, what makes us different from one another. And the point is not that "we're different so we're better", or worst, or more or less. Being different has made us feel for most of our life that we are alone, that there's no one else out there, that we have to hide our true self from the world in order to survive. The times are changing. For you, for me and for a whole lot of people.


    What makes you different is that you're choosing to create your own thing instead of blindly following the masses. What makes you different is the values and principles that you carry in your being thay carries on to anything that you create: Respect, Love, Connection, Community, Friendship, Kindness, Acceptance, Discovery, Adventure, Possibility, Teamwork, etc. These values are radically different than the values that the current capitalist culture is based upon like: Competition, Superiority, Deception, Greed, Blame, Hatred, Right/Wrong, Revenge, Betrayal, Victimhood, Exclusion, Resentment, Denial, etc.


    You are choosing to create something new that makes sense to you.

  • Who is a Next Culture Nomad? 

    A Next Culture Nomad is someone who has taken the step to go to the edge of the capitalist culture, that edge where very few dare to step on, that edge where you are discouraged, threatened, and even punished for stepping on. You have decided that is not worth giving your precious life, time and energy, to a culture that you don't fully believe in. You have turned your life into a living experiment where you are researching a different way of living and relating with life, with others and with yourself.


    If this is you, this page is for you. We want to hear from you, about your experiments, about your living situation, we want to empower you and other nomads to be that force of nature that is taking steps to change the world by becoming change itself, we want to empower you to get to where you want to get, we want to share with you the tools, maps and resources that have been working for us. 


    We see you and deeply value the work that you're doing, it goes beyond just yourself, your work is something that is affecting the morphogenetic field of humanity and is creating possibilities that weren't available before. We thank you for your experiment and wish you a great journey in your healing and transformation.




    Documentary about a research made about the cultural creative movement that is naturally emerging.


    We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiments, adventures, visions, wishes. 


    Next Culture Nomads Village


    This group is here for asking questions, collaborating, making proposals, sharing your edge of discovery, sharing your experiment, the gold that you found from your experiment. This group is not a place to talk about politics or to share other people's links. We want to hear from what YOU are doing, what you are experimenting with, creating, discovering, etc.


    The purpose of these guidelines is for maximizing collaboration and keeping the space primed for authentic relating. Breaking these guidelines repeatedly makes you subject to be removed from the group. The context of this group is Radical Responsibility. If you are in the group, you are fully responsible for nurturing, protecting and taking care of the space, as well as for your actions, inactions and interactions with others.


    Link to join Telegram group:



    There was a point when I felt unprepared.

    These are the tools that changed that.

    Where's your energetic center?

    Becoming Centered, Grounded, and Bubbled, changes the way that you relate with your world.

    Energetic sword of clarity

    You can snap your fingers to center yourself, to declare your sword of clarity, to create a black hole in your space, etc.

    You can use this tool to detect the purpose behind someone's actions, even your own.

     What, when, where, who, how.

    Are you really listening?

    Are you emotionally reactive?

    Are you being heard?

    Who are you really?

    How fixed are you to the idea of who you are?

    Who says that you can't try again?

  • MAPS

    There was a time when I felt lost.

    These maps helped me find my X in the map.

    This is a map of what is possible right now.

    You have 5 bodies. Each body has different needs and sensations.

    You’ve read all your free member-only stories.
    You’ve read all your free member-only stories.

    Which one are you? How do you activate it? What are you here to deliver?

    What level of Reponsibility are you in? What level of Responsibility are the Gameworlds where you're playing?

    What level of Reponsibility are you in? What level of Responsibility are the Gameworlds where you're playing?


    There was a time when I thought I didn't have resources.

    This are the resources that changed that.

    Open Source Real life Online-Offline Multiplayer Transformation Game

    You’ve read all your free member-only stories. Become a member to get unlimited access and support the voices you want to hear more from.

    A world-wide organically emerging culture that is creating a new way of relating with the world from a place that makes common sense, sprouting from principles of Respect, Love, Connection, Discovery, Acceptance, Community, Possibility, Clarity, etc.

    How much are you relying on ECCO?

    Now we got all these tools, maps and resources. What now?

    Directory of over 500 websites linked together where you will find more tools, maps, distinctions, experiments and processes that support your evolution, healing and transformation.

    An instance of Next Culture Nomads and originators of this website.

    Resources, tools and experiments for creating village, nomadic or land-based.


    What works? What doesn't work? How does it work?

    Can I contribute to this Gameworld?

    Yes, there's many ways to contribute. Send us a message with your proposal. As you contribute, the gameworld itself decides weather you are a member or not, weather it needs you or not.

    What are the values and economy of exchange?

    To be continued...